26 de mayo de 2014

When the stars go blue

Por Lucía Ruiz Vila y Rocío García Manuz, estudiantes de 1º de Bachillerato del colegio Nuestra Señora de la Paz de Torrelavega.

If nobody does anything, nothing will change. If nobody gets involved, we will never go forward. If no one hears our voice, it would be as if we were never here; we would be just like those summer days wasted at home while outside the sun shines brighter than ever.

It was April of 2013 when our teacher told us about a contest the European Union was organizing called Euroscola. All we had to do was raise awareness about the EU in our school. We organized different activities to students from all ages and we discovered what the EU was all about. Seven months later, that would take us to Strasburg where the European Parliament was waiting for us, and for the rest of European students who had won their country’s Euroscola contest. On that day we spoke in the chamber representing our countries, later we were divided in committees where we had to team up with other countries to discuss different aspects of the UE such as environment, immigrations, and even the future of the UE itself. Once we got to our own conclusions we presented them in the chamber and we voted for their approval. After a hard day of work we finally got back to our hotel. We learned something tremendously important in that French city, if we gather together we can make the difference. So why not gathering with all of those who think like us? Why turning our backs to those with whom we share expectations? Steve Jobs once said “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”, and if that is true, we have declared ourselves mad since that European date. That feeling of courage the EU gave us that day has changed it all now, because it gave us strength to dream and to do things, to get involved and exert ourselves to make our voices heard. And now that summer is finally near we open the door and go out to enjoy the beautiful day.

Etiquetas: estudiantes, euroscola, idiomas, inglés, parlamento

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