20 de junio de 2014

Interview with Daniel Grandziel

Por Jaime Aparicio, Andrea Bezanilla, Julia Carral, Manuel Cobo, Sandra Malfaz, Blanca Fernández, Gilson Gimias, Fátima Khan, Jonatan López, Rubén Lyons, Pablo Ramírez y Lucía Trufa, estudiantes de 3ºESO del IES Santa Clara de Santander.

Daniel Grandziel is Conversational English Instructor at IES Santa Clara. He was born in Chicago and he studied Spanish at Southern Illinois University. He says that he’s happy with the students… thanks Daniel!

Pregunta.- Hello Daniel. In the first place, why did you decide to come to Spain?
Respuesta.- I decided to come to Spain for new experiences. My friend was working in Madrid and she helped me throughout the paperwork. I wasn’t doing much in the United States so I decided to come to Spain.

P.- What is your favourite food?
R.- I would have to be pizza. I eat pizza here two or three times a week. Chicago pizza is the best. Spanish food I like a beet, I would have to day cochinillo, cocido montañés, I like tortilla española, I like lechazo, cordero, paella. But I don’t like seafood so…

P.- What type of music is your favourite?
R.- I would have to say my favourite music probably be 90’s alternative like Nirvana and Blind Melon, I listen to Jack Johnson… I listen to everything. I’m not very keen on classical music or R&B. I like rap too.

P.- Which is your favourite sport?
R.- I like American football. Go, Chicago Bears!

P.-What do you like doing when you don’t have to work?
R.- I like to go hiking, I have done quite a few hikes here in Spain and in Cantabria, I did the Camino de Santiago last summer and I want to do it twice this summer. I also watch movies and play video games.

P.- Why are you teaching English in Spain?
R.- I’m pretty good at speaking English so I decided it would be better than me teaching Spanish in Spain. I like education, I studied Spanish so here I am, and I like it more than I thought I would.

P.- Would you like to stay here for a long time?
R.- I’m trying to decide that now. It’s difficult. Sometimes I am very homesick. I miss being in my native culture. I miss being able to talk to anybody I want, people are more friendly in the United States, it is my language. But I could see myself staying here for a long time. . I like Spain. It is very tranquil.

P.- Are you happy with the students in this school?
R.- I’m happy with the students. They behave themselves quite well. Not that Spanish students behave themselves very well. School is very different. In the United States, you cannot talk as much, there is more discipline.

P.- How is Spain similar to USA and how is it different?
R.- Different is fairly easy. We don’t take as many naps, we drive a lost more, gas is much less expensive, there is more fast food, we eat more turkey, people are generally more talkative and the pace of life is quicker, especially in the cities. Things that are similar are that people like to eat, people like to go out and have a good time, people like talking to other people, people like hanging out with friends, we like sports a lot too. I think the United States is much more spread out. Another big difference is the history.

P.- When did you come to Spain for the first time?
R.- It was to work. It was October 2012. That was my first time in Spain, my first time in Europe, and I have lived here since.

P.- Before coming to Spain, how did you think it would be?
R.- I did not have much an idea of what Spain would be like. I think I had more of an idea of what the people would like. I thought the people would be darker. I didn’t think there would be as much diversity. It was a completely different Spanish from what I expected. I didn’t expect much, though. I thought there would be more bullfighting.

P.- what do you do on weekends?
R.- I like to go hiking or be with my friends. I try to go out. I have been to a lot of places in Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León. My dad is coming for easter so we are going down south…. I try to travel or hike.

P.- Are there any similarities between Chicago and Santander?
R.- There are not many similarities. There are buses and both cities are on water. But other than that, there are not many similarities. We haver the tallest building in the United States. There are many people, there is much more traffic. There is much more traffic. There is much more danger. The closest thing to Chicago in Spain might be Madrid and it would still be different.

Thank you for everything, Daniel 

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